Why Dukits: For the Entertainer

  • Never play to an empty house again.
  • You decide what a great show looks like then challenge your true fans make it happen.
  • Play new and non-traditional cities and find fans you never knew you had!
  • Grow with your fans. Book bigger venues with the confidence that fans are there for support.
  • Use our free 'Buy Now' widgets, purchasing tickets has never been easier.
  • As always, proposing a show is free.

You can be an Entertainer with a small fan base, a successful band looking to play new markets or looking to satisfy fan requests by playing non-traditional areas. Dukits is a solution for anyone looking to put on a show without risking money.

Entertainers come in all sizes; Musicians as solo acts, bands, experimental, and many more. They also can be comedians, magicians, or dare devils. They all have the unique ability to engage, enlighten and entertain an audience. Their talents are a gift they give to the world and it needs to be treated as such.

Dukits.com is a place where Entertainers can grow and mobilize their fans in a meaningful way.

As Entertainers, its important to understand where the people are who want to see you perform.

Why not propose a show at the big venue you love and watch the response. You don’t have to spend money or rent the expensive place before understanding that it will be a successful, profitable event.

Have fans sent requests to play their town? Use this free tool to test the waters. Hey, why not try to add stops on a tour? You can now propose a date and show that will go on if your fans can mobilize enough of an audience to make it a worth while event.

Questions? Please send us a note at info@dukits.com. We look forward to working with you.

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