Music Lovers Gather Here

Dukits is the new way of bringing shows you want to venues you love.  We mashed up crowd sourcing and concert ticketing to create the next big thing in music.  The Dukits team is lining up great acts (and some awesome festivals) for 2012.  Our Goal is great experiences and our shows will be a reflection of that.  Join us and help define the evolution of live events!Rock On with Dukits

Bands & Entertainers

Learn more about how we simplify the process of getting you into packed houses, fewer middlemen, guaranteed shows, and publicly rated venues!


No more slow sales, get the bands in that pack the house!  With crowd funded events, we take the guess work out of who your patrons want to see and how much they're willing to pay to get them in.

More than just Crowd Funding

What other crowd funded event sites don't explain is that that's all they do, crowd funded events, nothing else.  But what happens when you're event is funded and you have to deal with the crowd at your front door?  What happens when you want to print tickets...  What happens when you want to promote your other events... What happens when you want people to stay on your site to buy tickets?  That's a lot of what about's...  Dukits does all of this and more, that's because Dukits is more than the sum of its parts, it's an entire platform for Events, Ticketing, Client Relationship Management, Promotion, Content Management and more...

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